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ReFi Projects

Our curated list of active Web3 regenerative finance (ReFi) projects. The basic criteria are: 1) Making ecological and/or social impact and 2) Using Web3 as part of the solution (not just using it for fundraising) and/or providing tools and services to ReFi projects and/or working in Web3 education.

$EARTH$EARTH is a currency for the solarpunk paradigm backed by climate solutions.Impact Currency
$REGEN$REGEN is the culture coin for optimists.Impact Currency
$RVRSRVRS is an impact token that incentivises climate action.Impact CurrencyReforestation
Aera ForceAera Force is a VC DAO investing in the collective ReFi future.Investor
AgriLedgerAgriLedger is a blended finance Fintech at the forefront of transforming global food systems.Regenerative Agriculture
AgroforestDAOAgroforestDAO is weaving the global tribe for food, forest and culture.Regenerative Agriculture
ALLCOT IOALLCOT IO helps companies in leveraging the latest technology to develop carbon projects that benefit local communities and the environment.Solutions Developer
Allegory LabsAllegory Labs is an investment company that invests and builds at the intersection of web3 and climate.Investor
AlternunAlternun transforms mining reserves into ReDeFi-focused projects through digital exploitation.Investment Instrument
AluxesAluxes protects tropical rainforests through conservation economies using Web3 technology.Regenerative Economies
Ama Earth GroupAma Earth Group is nature regeneration subscription service.Project Financing
AquaSaveAquaSave is a decentralised and sustainable community of blue projects.Impact DePIN
ArbitrumArbitrum is a protocol that makes Ethereum transactions faster and cheaper.Distributed Ledger
ArkreenArkreen is a Web3-powered digital infrastructure network for global distributed renewable energy resources.Impact DePIN
Artifact LabsArtifact Labs is committed to the preservation and connection of art, culture, and history on the blockchain.Impact NFTs
Artizen FundArtizen Fund is raising $1B to support artists of every kind.Fundraising
AstralAstral develops open source tools and infrastructure so you can easily build location-based dapps.Solutions Developer
Astral GiraffesAstral Giraffes are eco-enhancing giraffe NFTs inspired by a giraffe named Twiggy in Kenya.Impact NFTs
AtlantisAtlantis is a peer-to-peer impact network for builders, entrepreneurs and creators from climate and social impact sector.Network Society and CollectiveSolutions Developer
AYAAYA is an climate-focused Web3 launchpad and incubator by Enjinstarter.Fundraising