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Why We Can't Kick the Extraction Habit

How have we become so comfortable with a system that promotes social inequality and ecological degradation?



Ifeanyi Christwin of Switch Electric and M3tering Protocol - Part 2

The founder discusses success metrics, financial requirements, and scaling potential of decentralised electricity solutions.

May 9th, 2024


Ifeanyi Christwin of Switch Electric and M3tering Protocol - Part 1

The founder discusses his origin story and the decentralisation of clean electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa.

May 8th, 2024

The State of ReFi Report

An Overview of Web3 Regenerative Finance

Our inaugural report on the state of Web3 regenerative finance (ReFi) is the first known industry report on the topic. In it, we aim to give readers both inside and outside the space a better sense of the ReFi space, its ambitions, and the progress it has made to date.

More specifically, we look at:

  • What ReFi Is and How It Works
  • The ReFi Landscape
  • Trends & Market Potential
  • Opportunities & Challenges
  • Case Studies
  • Future Outlook

We conclude by posing four big questions for the ReFi space to answer in 2024, along with a few suggestions of our own.

A big thank you to everyone who made this report possible!

Produced in coordination with:

ReFi Project Spotlight

A selection of 10 of the most impactful ReFi projects according to the analysis of our climate, economic, finance, and tech experts.

We update this list once per quarter.

Ecosapiens Climate

Ecosapiens eco-conscious collective to offset your annual carbon footprint, collect beautiful art, and show the world that you’re helping to save the planet.

Plastiks Climate

Tackling plastic pollution with blockchain technology.

Octant GovernanceFinance

Octant is a platform for experiments in decentralized governance that reward participation.

Silvi Climate

Silvi is helping a billion people plant a trillion trees.

Chatafisha Climate

Chatafisha is building infrastructure to transparently verify and actualize positive social impact.

Ekonavi ClimateAgriculture

Ekonavi is a collaborative platform catalyzing ecological regeneration in Brazil and beyond.

AYOWECCA Uganda Public Goods

AYOWECCA Uganda tackles both social and environmental challenges affecting Ugandans in their everyday life.

AgroforestDAO ClimateAgricultureCultural Heritage

AgroforestDAO is weaving the global tribe for food, forest and culture.

Kyoto Climate

Kyoto is a DePIN, EVM-compatible, and energy-efficient blockchain that brings real-world assets on-chain in the form of carbon credits.

The Solar Foundation EnergyFinance

The Solar Foundation aims to fund and accelerate solar for underserved communities in emerging economies.