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Letter from the editor

Introducing Our ReFi Project Database

An explanation of the methodology and features of our curated ReFi project database, along with a recap of the X Space we hosted on the launch with Pranav Khanna.



Extreme Poverty, Private UBI, and Web3

A look at whether private UBI programs, along with a little help from Web3, can be used to reduce extreme poverty.

July 4th, 2024


Painting Ecosystem Success? Gitcoin Launches Grants Program Canvas

Tereza Bizkova offers her exclusive analysis on the latest release from Gitcoin.

June 24th, 2024

Research Reports

The Impact DePIN Report 2024

Examining the Intersection Between Decentralised Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePINs) and Web3 Regenerative Finance (ReFi).

The Impact DePIN Report Cover

The State of ReFi Report 2024

Digging deeper into the Web3 Regenerative Finance (ReFi) movement and its potential for ecological and social impact.

The State of ReFi Report Cover

ReFi Project Spotlight

A selection of 10 of the most impactful ReFi projects according to the analysis of our climate, economic, finance, and tech experts.

We update this list once per quarter.


GainForest is a Swiss non-profit organization focused on transparent environmental protection.


Helios is next-gen financial infrastructure powering high-impact solar projects in emerging markets.


Atlantis is a peer-to-peer impact network for builders, entrepreneurs and creators from climate and social impact sector.

Glo Dollar

Glo Dollar is a fiat-backed stablecoin that funds public goods.


erable° is the solution for investing in tomorrow's economy with innovative assets.

Climate Coordination Network

CCN is on a mission to accelerate blockchain-enabled climate solutions on a global scale.


Arkreen is a Web3-powered digital infrastructure network for global distributed renewable energy resources.

Crypto Altruism

Crypto Altruism is a leading content platform elevating the social impact potential and use cases of web3, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

Carbon Counting Club

Carbon Counting Club counts geologically stable carbon added to its gardens and sells NFTs to fund trees.


AquaSave is a decentralised and sustainable community of blue projects.