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About Us

CARBON Copy is the preeminent source of ReFi news, information, and analysis.

We fill the information void in the regenerative finance (ReFi) space by providing a combination of news, education, expert analysis, industry reports, and project evaluation to help industry stakeholders better understand the space and to get projects more exposure.

At the same time, we're also building a comprehensive library of ReFi projects to act as the foundation of our proprietary evaluation framework for understanding impact.

An Evaluation Framework for ReFi Projects

Working with experts from across disciplines, we are a building a framework for analysing and scoring ReFi projects. We aim to evaluate projects using an array of criteria, including:

  • Impact
  • Technology
  • Liquidity
  • Revenue potential
  • Volume
  • Community
  • Alignment with UN development goals

We want to prove demonstrable impact, not just talk about it.

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Feel free to reach out anytime. Best place is through our Discord, but here are some other ways you can reach us:

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