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$EARTH is a currency for the solarpunk paradigm backed by climate solutions.

A wise man once said - One cannot create a solution from the same frequency that created the problem. It is our belief that Solarpunk provides a holistic solution to the climate/ecological crisis created by neoliberal capitalism. Solarpunk envisages a radically optimistic view of the future where nature and tech seamlessly integrate to maximize well being, regeneration, and spirituality while minimizing inequality. A solarpunk world is only possible once we have successfully addressed anthropogenic climate change. So in order to fulfill our vision of building solarpunk societies we are currently on a mission to build the necessary infrastructure for an absolute zero emission world leveraging web3 tools because climate change is no longer a problem of technology or economic feasibility but of capital and coordination. $Earth will act as a borderless, capital efficient funnel to incentivize, mobilize and allocate capital towards climate solutions.


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2024Gitcoin GrantsClimate Round$9,302.99
2024Public Goods FundingShell Round$9,185.24
2023Gitcoin GrantsClimate Round$5,277.66
2023Public Goods FundingShell Round$5,062.52
2023Gitcoin GrantsClimate Round$21,197.64


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