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Ifeanyi Christwin of Switch Electric and M3tering Protocol - Part 1

The founder discusses his origin story and the decentralisation of clean electricity in Sub-Saharan Africa....


Ifeanyi Christwin of Switch Electric and M3tering Protocol - Part 2

The founder discusses success metrics, financial requirements, and scaling potential of decentralised electricity solutions....


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Selling the fruits and not the trees for biodiversity markets and Indigenous Peoples to thrive | Savimbo – investESG.eu

Get insight into "Selling the fruits and not the trees for biodiversity markets and Indigenous Peoples to thrive | Savimbo" here o...



Restoring Confidence in Forest Preservation Efforts

Forests play a vital role in our planet's health, acting as carbon sinks, biodiversity havens, and natural and financial resources for ...


Impact Tour Report

The home for web3 publishing....


🤖🌳📈 220 - Austin Wade Smith on Convivial Ecological Institutions and Open Source Commons for Sensemaking

How AI-empowered landscapes with political agency and revenue models can make biodiversity the bottom line......


An Inquiry into Transparent and Accountable Giving

Blockchain_Technology_in_Philanthropy_-_An_Inquiry_into_Transparent_and_Accountable_Giving_v1.4.pdf (1001.5 KB)...


Exporting public goods funding beyond our immediate circles

We're still at the stage of experimenting with lots of funding mechanisms. A missing piece is explicit commitments for how surplus fund...



Onchain Summer II is Coming

Onchain Summer is back. This summer, everyone can be a builder, and Base and our partners are offering over 600 ETH¹ ($2 million) in prizes…...



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