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Why We Can't Kick the Extraction Habit

How have we become so comfortable with a system that promotes social inequality and ecological degradation?...


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Irthu Suresh: Using Blockchain Tech to Reduce Water Shortages

The founder of the Atlantis water exchange is a speaker at this year’s Consensus festival in Austin, Texas, May 29-31....



What Does it Take to Optimize a Complex System?



CIFAR Alliance: 2023 Annual Report | The CIFAR Alliance



[PASSED] GG20 Program Round Matching Results

UPDATE: We ratified results on snapshot on May 28th Hey y’all, our GG20 OSS program round matching results are live here! We’ll have five d...



Greenpill Podcast Guest Seasons - Call for Proposals!

TLDR - I am going to step away from the Greenpill Podcast in Q3/Q4 2024 + am looking for ppl to guest cohost during that time. Hi all, For...



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