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ReFi Project Database

We've officially launched our curated ReFi project database!

Tune into our X space today at 8:00 GMT | 16:00 SGT to hear more about it.

GIV-Earth Round on Giveth

We've been accepted into the GIV-Earth Round on Giveth. If you appreciate the work we do for the ReFi space, we'd be thrilled if you could make a small contribution to our efforts. We think CARBON Copy should remain a public good, so every bit helps!


About UsWe fill the information void in the Web3 regenerative finance (ReFi)...


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Blockchain Technology and Polycentric Governance

Transforming climate finance in Africa: more efficient ways to finance grassroots initiatives

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DIVA Donate - 3rd campaign completes

DIVA Donate - 3rd campaign completes...


A deep dive on impact metrics for Retro Funding 4

Everything you wanted to know (and were not afraid to ask) about the onchain impact metrics developed for Optimism's fourth round of Re...


ON–247: DAOs 👥

Coverage on Snapshot, Squads, Tally, Gitcoin, Coordinape & CoW DAO....




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