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X Space with Jon and Coleen of Climate Coordination Network

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Breaking Down the GG20 Climate Round

An analysis of the results of ReFi's preeminent quadratic funding round operated by Climate Coordination Network....


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Developing a Web3 Strategy for Your Nonprofit — Crypto Altruism

Web3 presents unique opportunities for nonprofit’s looking to scale their impact. However, many nonprofits are still hesitant to engage in W...


Crypto Networks Can Overcome Obstacles Open-Source Projects Face, Drips Founder Says | HackerNoon

Ele Diakomichalis explores Drips’ mission to sustain open-source projects through transparent funding for the creators of tomorrow's es...


Cutting Carbon: Comparing Carpools and Electric Vehicle Fleets in Corporate Sustainability Strategy — The Carbon Games

This blog post delves into the comparative analysis of carpooling and electric vehicle fleets as key components of corporate sustainability ...


The Billion Dollar Proposal for Applied Cultural Evolution

This is an essay written on June 8, 2018 when I was the director for the Center for Applied Cultural Evolution I am reposting it as part of…...


Collapse of Sense-Making in the Regenerative Movement

One year ago, almost to the day, I wrote the essay Restoring Trust Among Regenerative Leaders. It was seen by some as a public apology, yet…...


Bioregional and Regenerative Funds and Finance

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