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Understanding the Transition to Clean Cooking Stoves in Rwanda

The impact of traditional cook stoves and the role that ReFi can play in speeding up the transition to more efficient alternatives....


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CeloPG H2 2024 Budget [DRAFT]

Title: Funding Request: CeloPG H2 2024 Budget [DRAFT] Authors: Luuk Weber & Monty Bryant Summary To be added after the Draft Phase. ...


The Evolution of Redd+: At the Frontline of Carbon Crediting Integrity - Neutral

Deforestation is a significant challenge but an effective, high-quality market for REDD+ projects can help address the deforestation problem...


Gitcoin Grants 2024 Strategy Outline

GG 2024 Strategy Outline Gitcoin Grants is a community-driven quarterly funding initiative that aims to propel high-impact digital public go...


A Retrospective Quantitative Review of Crypto Grants Programs | Fracton Research Portal

Fracton Ventures Research is an R&D institution for a positive sum world through exploring inclusive coordination design....


CeloPG H1 Progress Report

This CeloPG H1 Report provides an overview of the developments, accomplishments, and learnings from CeloPG H1 (Feb - June 2024) and provides...


Here's an idea: a worldwide universal basic income paid for by a carbon tax. A study found that it could boost the global GDP by 130%. | Business Insider India

A global universal basic income funded by carbon taxes could grow the global GDP by 130% while promoting sustainability, a study found. Soun...




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