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The State of ReFi Report

Maya Dentzel and Tereza Bízková put together an excellent summary of the report:

Breaking Down "The State of ReFi" 2024 Report

The home for web3 publishing....


Download the full report.

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Adaeze Okafor (Aida) of Afri_Learn and ReFi Lagos

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ReFi in the News

ReFiレポート「The State of ReFi 2024」の要約(前編) | サステナビリティ×ブロックチェーン情報メディア【HEDGE GUIDE Web3】

今年2月、ReFi (Regenerative Finance, 再生金融)に関する初の業界レポート「The State of ReFi Report 2024」が、ReFiのニュースメディアであるCARBON Copy......


Quantum Temple Promotes Regenerative Tourism Through NFTs

Web3 startup Quantum Temple, seeks to transform the travel industry by offering authentic and regenerative tourism experiences through NFTs....



Grants Round 1 — Ma Earth

Funding for regenerative land projects. Powered by Gitcoin....



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