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Ekonavi is a collaborative platform catalyzing ecological regeneration in Brazil and beyond.

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From Brazil’s rich bioregions, Ekonavi rises as a testament to community-led ecological renaissance. Boasting over 600 projects, including farms, urban gardens, indigenous communities, and green businesses, their footprint extends not only throughout Brazil but also increasingly across Latin America, with noteworthy initiatives in Colombia. At the core of Ekonavi’s mission is to foster ecosystem regeneration, primarily through biodiverse reforestation and agroforestry. With a system that emphasizes daily documentation of regenerative actions, Ekonavi’s platform is more than just a map—it’s a dynamic testament to ecological progress. Their revenue model, anchored in token sales and validator revenues, directly fuels on-ground initiatives undertaken by their projects. Ekonavi’s community-driven leadership provides the essential framework and tools, ensuring that the tireless efforts of these field projects are verified, revered, and celebrated.




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