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Chatafisha is building infrastructure to transparently verify and actualize positive social impact.

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Set against the biodiverse backdrop of Tanzania, Chatafisha is a social enterprise that harnesses a myriad of skills from waste management to blockchain. It is rooted in the vibrant bioregions of Dar es Salaam and Pwani they collaborate with over 10 waste picker communities in that area. Chatafisha’s ethos encompass all three: environmental, social, and technological facets. They actively redirect plastic waste away from detrimental endpoints, foster the creation of sustainable eco-products, and initiate carbon offset through unique NFT sales. Socially, the organization underscores the empowerment of marginalized waste pickers, amplifying their roles in the community while embarking on projects to uplift local living standards. Their commitment to transparency is evident in its utilization of blockchain technology, ensuring every step in waste management remains traceable. Advocating for a circular economy, Chatafisha ensures plastic waste finds renewed purpose, symbolizing their unwavering dedication to revitalizing both the environment and the communities they ardently serve.




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